Spring Feet!

Hello guys!

It’s spring time and what better way to step into it (pun intended) than with some new spring shoes! MY OBSESSION! Iv’e been really busy lately (just life, you know?), so I haven’t been able to get some knew content out. I’ve picked a few of my favorite shoe trends that I am pretty sure you guys will be seeing a lot this coming season.


This is probably one of my new favorite shoes. I am normally not into platform shoes, but for some reason I am loving this oxford platform. It has a very masculine look to it, but there is something about the platform that adds a little something. And there is so many different ways to wear it too, from a skirt to a pair of cropped slacks. It just works.

Where to get them: The silver pair is by Stella McCartney, and the black one is by Vince Greed. But you can pretty much find them anywhere. I got a pair from Aldo not too long ago.



Ruffles! They’re everywhere now. You can see them anywhere from clothing to accessories. It is definitely making a big return.

Where to get them: The grey heels are by Oscar Tiye, and the other two you can find at Anthropology.


If you don’t own a pair already, you are going to want to get on this one! When you think of slides, you think of Nike, Addidas, and now Puma Fenty. But I am also taking about this simple leather sandal slides (and mules). They are so comfy and you can dress it up and down depending on the day and occasion.

Where to get them: The first one is by Fenty, which if you don’y know already is a collaboration between Rihanna and Puma. The leather one is from St. Agni.


Just like the ruffles, embellishment and embroidery is going to be seen, if you haven’t already, on not only shoes but clothing as well. This simple detail adds so much sass and style to the shoe, which makes it such a statement piece.

Where to get them: The heels, which are my favorite I have to add, are from Lulus. The booties are from Nasty Gal, and the slip on’s are from ASOS.


I hope you guys liked this little recap on spring trends. Hope to see you next week!


The Haute Tamale



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